A skinny dog emerges from an abandoned closed cage, while a note lies nearby.

How could this happen?

One day, a shelter volunteer in a city in Tennessee went outside to feed stray cats who often came there for food. While in the yard, she noticed a cage placed on the grass. Inside sat a dog, gazing sorrowfully at the volunteer.

In the dog’s eyes, there was such intense pain and despair that it was impossible to walk away. The sight of the miserable animal tugged at the heart.

Who could have abandoned a dog in a cage without providing water or a morsel of food? The day was scorching hot, and even after sunset, the atmosphere remained stifling.

Beside the cage, there was a note. It mentioned that the dog’s name was Chabs and explained that the owners could no longer keep him in their home. The exact reason for abandoning the dog was not stated in the note. But one thing was clear: the owners no longer wanted the dog.

Perhaps the owners intended to do their best, hoping that someone would take the dog in. However, leaving him in a cage was terrible. Was this a way out of such a situation?

Interestingly, the previous owners mentioned the vaccinations they supposedly gave to their dog in the note. But the volunteers had doubts about it. Who would administer vaccines to a dog they wanted to get rid of?

But that is not so important anymore. What matters is that the dog was found and helped by the volunteer. That is truly wonderful!

After a while, the dog was in the shelter. He ate, slept, and experienced tranquility. He was cleaned thoroughly as his fur was smeared with something resembling oil. So, the animal had to endure a few unpleasant procedures. But then, he started feeling much better. Even his sad gaze began to show glimmers of hope for positive changes in his life.

Now he lives in the shelter. They renamed him Squiggy. Ahead of him lies a new life. Kind-hearted people, whom the volunteers are already searching for, will undoubtedly give him a loving home.

As for those who treated their dog so cruelly, they will probably remember him many times over, especially if they see his photo on Facebook.

Let’s wish the dog good owners and a happy life.


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