A Shocking Betrayal of Trust: Uncovering the Cruelty Behind a Dog’s Punishment for Digging a Hole in the Garden.TS

The owner of the dog, whose name is True, was an addict. Under the influence of drugs, he cut off the animal’s two front legs.

It was a cruel “punishment” for the animal digging a hole in the garden. True had an extremely strong will to fight. The maimed man approached the neighbors’ house, whose quick intervention contributed to the dog’s survival.

The dog’s life has completely changed. Now he is cared for by his loving owners.

– I wasn’t even looking for a dog because we already have two, but I follow rescue operations on Facebook. A photo of True appeared there along with a description of what he had experienced, Erin said. – The dog dug a hole in the garden and its owner cut off its two front legs.

He later died of an overdose. (…) It absolutely broke my heart – added the woman who wanted to adopt True. The dog’s health condition requires special treatment.

Owners often wear it because the animal gets tired quickly. True fights every day. To move more efficiently, he uses a special wheelchair.

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