A series of ways to mix and match layered clothes in autumn from Korean girls, follow them to ensure your style will shine. P

Layering outfits is not a difficult task to conquer; all you need is to master a few styling tricks, and you’ll achieve a fresh and chic look that suits your taste. Here are some fashion-forward ways to layer your clothing, favored by fashion enthusiasts in Asia.


Mixing a long-sleeved T-shirt in a refreshing color, South Korean ulzzang Haeyoo made a lace-trimmed two-strap dress look even more charming and graceful. The black backpack adds a fun touch while serving as a practical storage solution.


This fashion-forward individual combined a form-fitting crop top with a yellow crochet cardigan and a plaid pleated skirt adorned with metal details. The skillful blend of vibrant colors has brought out the wearer’s radiance.


Model Kwon Soohyun layered a Peter Pan collar shirt underneath and paired it with a knit crop top, finishing the look with neutral-toned high-waisted shorts. A brimmed hat and cowboy boots complete the style.


Don’t limit yourself to long-sleeved cardigans; you can opt for a cropped cardigan to adapt to various weather conditions. A knit tank top, wide-leg high-waisted trousers, and sneakers make a perfect trio to mix and match with the cardigan for a confident street style.


You can explore layering with a balletcore style. Model Hyeji wears a ruffled spaghetti strap top with a lightweight cardigan, a short jersey skirt, and short leggings for a unique touch. Don’t forget to complete the look with classic Mary Jane shoes.


To add allure, take a cue from Haewon by layering a white button-up shirt with a black sweetheart neckline cupped dress. Enhance the overall outfit with delicate accessories such as a necklace, rings, and slim earrings.


To avoid monotony, you can layer 2-3 lightweight layers with a thin knit cardigan thrown casually over your shoulders. Despite the multiple layers, your outfit will maintain a fashionable and effortless appearance.


For those who adore the “lady” style, embrace this youthful layering approach. Start by selecting a bright basic T-shirt and pair it with a form-fitting knit two-strap bodycon top. Then, match it with an A-line plaid skirt.

Layered styles offer a wide range of diverse combinations suitable for various fashion preferences and occasions, from casual outings to work and even parties.

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