A sad story about a dog having to separate from his best friend because of circumstances and differences.TS

The street dog welcomed the monkey as her own

Luna became the mother of the defenseless capuchin monkey, named Beto, after both experienced a great tragedy. On the one hand, the street dog who had always lived on the streets and had given birth to a litter of puppies lost her babies in an unknown way. On the other hand, the monkey was abandoned in the Colombian city.

But, in the midst of their respective misfortunes, Beto had the good fortune of finding himself on the streets with Luna. The dog and the monkey developed a strong bond immediately, and she embraced him with all her love to care for him as her most precious treasure.

It is suspected that Beto was taken away from his home to be sold for a cost of up to $1,500.

The little monkey was taken from his habitat when he was just a newborn, but he found all the comfort in Luna. In addition, the native mixed-breed dog took care of him all day long so that he could grow up healthy and strong.

As a mother and son, Beto got used to riding on his new mother’s back, clinging tightly with his little paws to avoid falling during their journeys around the city.

However, the unusual duo did not go unnoticed by the city’s residents, who immediately reported the situation to the Environmental and Ecological Police of Colombia. The officers were impressed by the case and immediately went to their rescue, recognizing the great job done by the dog.

“This dog saved the monkey from certain death,” said the police.

To take care of each animal properly, the official agents, including Officer Anderson Blanquiceth, tried to separate Beto from Luna’s back. However, it seemed that no one could separate the two beings who had become family for about 18 months.

Again and again, the officers tried to take the monkey away from his adoptive mother, but he responded with strong rejection cries and even small bites to stay on Luna.

After much effort, the officers managed to separate the animals, but only for a short time, as Beto didn’t take long to run desperately in search of Luna, and she also rushed to meet him, welcoming him with the most sincere of hugs.

“The monkey doesn’t get off the dog; he spends the whole day on her. We tried to get him down and separate them, but he immediately got loose and ran to climb onto the dog’s back,” said Officer Anderson.

After the refusal to separate Luna and Beto, the officers had no choice but to allow them to stay together until they could be examined by a specialist.

Subsequently, they attempted to separately analyze Luna and Beto, but that was not possible either. The bond they had developed is known as an imprint and is an unbreakable connection, as the monkey has imprinted Luna as his only maternal figure.

If the officers insisted on separating the mammals, it would lead to a real tragedy, as pointed out by specialist Enrique Zerda, an ethologist at the National University, as the monkey would not be able to survive.

“They form in their brains the recognition of who their mother is, the recognition of their species. This is a genetically regulated learning mechanism that cannot be reversed once created,” said specialist Enrique.

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