A race against time to rescue a dog trapped on the ground. A commendable effort for the animal rescuer after 19 hours.TS

One sunny morning, Ziggy was gleefully romping around his family’s sprawling countryside estate with his mom. The picturesque farm was his playground, a place where he had embarked on countless adventures. On this particular day, however, his curiosity led him to a peculiar discovery – a hidden drain pipe nestled into the earth.

Ziggy, ever the adventurous 10-year-old Patterdale terrier, couldn’t resist the allure of the mysterious pipe. Without hesitation, he darted into it, disappearing from view in an instant. His mom, though accustomed to Ziggy’s occasional escapades, felt a hint of concern this time.

Lauren's husband Tim and Ziggy

Initially, she assumed it was just another one of Ziggy’s escapades, chasing after elusive critters or exploring the hidden nooks of the farm. She called out his name, her voice filled with affectionate impatience, expecting her furry companion to emerge with a triumphant grin. But minutes turned into hours, and Ziggy remained out of sight.

Anxiety gnawed at her as the sun began its descent. Her husband, Tim, dedicated the entire night to coaxing Ziggy out of the mysterious pipe. Yet, no matter how he called or what tempting treats he offered, Ziggy didn’t reappear. Desperation set in, and a decision was made: it was time to seek professional assistance.

Lauren Flintoft, Ziggy’s determined owner, reached out to the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in the hope that they could provide the expertise needed to rescue Ziggy from the labyrinthine drain pipe. With their arrival, a team of dedicated rescuers embarked on a mission to save the adventurous terrier.

Using their skills and specialized equipment, they mapped the intricate underground network of pipes. Determination fueled their efforts as they dug two substantial holes in their quest to pinpoint Ziggy’s exact location.

Hours turned into a seemingly endless wait, but finally, a glimmer of hope emerged. There, deep within the labyrinth, they spotted Ziggy. Carefully, they cleared away a bit more clay and soil, creating just enough space for the tenacious pup to wiggle his way back to freedom. After an incredible 19 hours underground, Ziggy was finally reunited with his worried family.

Miraculously, Ziggy emerged from the ordeal unscathed, though a tad shaken. His resilience shone brightly, and he was soon back to his usual self, his inquisitive spirit undeterred. As for future escapades, only time would tell if Ziggy would be lured into another adventure down a mysterious hole.

“He’s now back home with his relieved owners,” Faebian Vann, an animal collection officer with the RSPCA, declared in a press release, “and there’s little doubt that he’ll soon find himself in another mischievous escapade.”

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