A petite, incredibly active bird adorned with delicate, radiant hues of cinnamon, yellow, and orange.TS


A small bird often found in the canopy of forest borders and lighter wooded areas where it often forages with mixed-species flocks.


The rufous-headed tanager (Hemithraupis ruficapilla) is a bird with olive-green upper parts and a yellow rump. The head is rufous colored fading to cinnamon on the breast. There are splashes of yellow behind the ear coverts. His underparts are greyish with a yellow center of the belly.

The female is very similar to the male, however, her upperparts are plain olive-green and a yellow breast.

The female’s coloring makes her indistinguishable from the female Guira Tanager.

These birds are found in and endemic to southeastern Brazil.

These birds prefer to live in Moist lowland forests, as well as secondary-growth and plantations. They can be found from sea level up to 1500 m.

An omnivorous bird, the Rufous-headed tanager can be found feeding on small insects and native fruits mainly in the canopy and in the upper levels of the forest.

During the mating season, the male displays the brightly colored portions of his plumage. While a female was seen carrying nest material into a small hole in a hanging clump of Tillandsia was seen in October. Apart from that, there is little information on the breeding habits of this species.

In the only habitat, this bird is found it is regarded as at risk.

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