A mother dog’s pain: Heartbreaking moments trying to find her dead puppy. I can’t believe my child is gone

The video depicts a heart-wrenching incident where a grieving mother dog persistently uncovers her deceased puppy. Kookie tirelessly digs through the densely packed soil until she uncovers the male pup and pulls it out by one of its legs. She uses all her strength to lick and nudge the lifeless body as if attempting to revive her beloved offspring.
According to the owner, Kaye de Luna, Kookie had previously lost a litter during her first pregnancy, and it’s evident that she’s mourning the loss of another puppy. Kookie’s affection extends beyond her surviving litter, indicating her motherly nature. Witnessing this emotional scene is genuinely heartbreaking.

Kookie, the mother dog, gave birth to a litter of puppies on May 17. Unfortunately, one of the smallest and weakest among them passed away overnight. Kookie became distressed and began barking loudly, alerting everyone in the household. Upon discovering the deceased puppy, the owners decided to bury it in an unmarked grave in their garden without informing Kookie. Later, during a garden stroll, Kookie found the burial spot and went directly to it. Kaye, the owner, chose to allow Kookie to grieve in her own way and process her loss. The video depicts a poignant moment where Kaye tears up while watching Kookie mourn the loss of her pup.

At first, Kookie dug through the soil until she caught a whiff of her pup’s scent. That’s when she decided to keep going. She persisted and eventually reached the lifeless body of her young one. Using her paws, she carefully unearthed the puppy, exposing part of its body. Kookie then licked and nudged her offspring with her nose in an effort to bring it back to life. The video ended with Kookie’s actions leaving Kaye feeling deeply touched.

It’s heartbreaking to see dogs mourn the loss of their puppies. As natural caregivers, female dogs like Kookie have an innate instinct to groom and care for their young. So when they lose a puppy, it’s not surprising that they experience a sense of grief and longing. In fact, many dog owners are aware that their furry companions can also grieve for their human family members. For Kookie, digging up her deceased puppy was her way of coming to terms with the loss and saying goodbye.

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