a miraculous reunion: the golden dog rescued after 16 days lost at sea while swimming along the beach.TS

Chew, an astonishing three-year-old golden retriever who had been absent for just over a fortnight, has joyfully reunited with his family following a water rescue orchestrated by the New Jersey State Police in the USA. In a heartwarming twist of fate, Officers Ryan Koehler and Vincent Ferdinandi from Stage Great Station were set to commence their duty when they received a report of a lone dog swimming in Barnegat Bay.
Responding promptly, the officers ventured into the bay to locate the canine. Navigating aboard a Zodiac boat, they covered a distance of approximately 75 meters from the shore, where they found the exhausted Chew. With utmost care, the officers guided Chew to the shore and, employing a rope, helped him onto a nearby pier.
The saga began on June 6, when Chew supposedly bolted from his home while engaged in play with his adoptive parents, Marie and James Zangara. Driven by fear, he darted into the woods, eluding their grasp.
From the moment Chew went missing, an extensive search operation unfolded. Utilizing the power of social media, local law enforcement agencies, bait traps, and trail cameras, every effort was made to locate him swiftly. Officer Ferdinandi expressed his heartfelt sympathy and concern for Chew’s family during this distressing period.
The posts regarding Chew’s disappearance proliferated across social media platforms, drawing substantial attention. The online community rallied in support of the search, with individuals eager to contribute to the safe return of the cherished canine.
The officers diligently ensured Chew’s safety upon his retrieval, fearing that his anxiety might lead him to flee once more. Filled with trepidation, Chew was reassured by their presence.
Officer Ferdinandi shared, “He approached us willingly.” Witnessing the sheer elation of the family upon Chew’s return was heartening, and the dog himself was equally ecstatic to be back in the embrace of his loved ones. The reunion of the pet and its owners was a moment of pure delight.
The New Jersey State Police took to their Facebook page to recount the events:
“Officers Koehler and Ferdinandi responded by boat and were able to locate Chew, who was swimming near the Mantoloking Bridge, and safely bring him to shore.” Chew, the three-year-old pup who had been missing for over a week, displayed unmistakable joy at the long-awaited reunion with his grateful family.

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