A Korean baby boy’s hilarious facial expressions have been delighting and tickling the online community’s funny bone.(T)

Famously known as the “cheeky boy,” Iro, a 2-year-old from South Korea, has captured the hearts of tens of thousands through his own personal online page. With his endearing and comical photos and videos, Iro has amassed a following of over 50,000 fans. Hailed as an “SNS star” by Korea’s Insight site, Iro’s expressions range from irresistibly cute to amusingly challenging, delighting netizens everywhere.

One standout series showcases Iro’s Halloween cosplay as No-Face from the film “Spirited Away.” These pictures garnered nearly 20,000 likes and 10,000 shares within the online community. Whether displaying the stoic countenance of No-Face or exhibiting a comically tearful expression after his mother dressed him up, Iro managed to evoke both sadness and laughter.

Iro’s distinctive features include plump cheeks and striking brown eyebrows that some have mistaken for being painted on. Iro’s mother even had to clarify in his profile introduction that his eyebrows are entirely natural, due to numerous misleading comments.

Frequently, Iro’s mother dresses him up as beloved characters from cartoons and fairy tales, and he remarkably embodies each one. Managed by his parents, Iro’s personal page shares not only photos but also many videos capturing his humorous and endearing everyday moments.

While Iro’s fame has attracted attention from various fashion brands and baby care product companies, his parents have chosen not to pursue advertising or business ventures featuring their son’s name and likeness.

Iro’s charming and amusing expressions have undoubtedly won over netizens’ affections. Comments on his personal page reveal that his fans span not only Korea but also countries such as China, Japan, and Vietnam. Just like his cheeky persona, Iro’s online presence continues to bring joy to people worldwide.


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