A kind woman rescues poor dogs abandoned by war and gives them a warm home right in her own house. P

In her home, there resides a remarkable woman who opens her heart to as many as 70 animals. When individuals neglect their own well-being, she emerges as a beacon of goodness.


This young lady possesses both strength and beauty in abundance, qualities the world desperately needs more of in these challenging times. Her unwavering dedication to the welfare of animals is truly commendable.


With the outbreak of a conflict (referred to as “”), Paulina, a passionate veterinarian, decided to stay behind and offer her support to dogs in distress. She transformed her condominium into a makeshift sanctuary, capable of sheltering up to 70 dogs simultaneously.


Paulina’s devotion extends to various pets in dire need. Within her living room, she performs emergency surgeries for those requiring immediate medical attention, while providing a safe haven for others until more comprehensive assistance becomes available.


Remarkably, Paulina has established contact with a sanctuary in Poland, an organization that regularly travels to Ukraine to collect a number of her four-legged charges. When the time comes for her to evacuate, they have pledged to assist her in finding a new home in Poland.


Paulina stands as an exemplary idol, willingly placing herself in harm’s way to aid those who need her the most. Our hearts ache for the suffering endured by everyone, including their beloved furry family members, during these trying times.

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