A kind man took in 15 abandoned dogs in a state of skin and bones.

We will never tire of denouncing and raising our voices against  acts of injustice and mistreatment of dogs.  Especially when they are neglected so much that their mere appearance, skeletal and on the verge of starvation, demands immediate help and intervention.

There are inhumane people who  are capable of mistreating animals , but there are also those who understand that they are living beings that need to be cared for and respected as such.

This was experienced firsthand by a group of dogs whose  so-called owner left them to their fate , in physical conditions that were very sad just to see.

Fifteen Great Danes that were supposed to be majestic were turned into nothing more than skin and bones


In Pathum Thani, about 40 kilometers from Bangkok in Thailand,  the owner of fifteen Great Dane dogs left them alone  without any care or attention. He had been feeding them very poorly until he stopped doing so completely.

The little animals  were extremely thin , they had lost so much weight that the bones stood out clearly above the skin attached to their bone structure.

Just seeing dogs in that extreme languor causes a lot of pain.

Watchdog Thailand volunteers were alerted and immediately went to the site where the farm was located, the sight they found  truly depressing .

As soon as they were picked up, they were able to feel each bone protruding with their hands.

The dogs  were locked in cages and all suffered from  severe malnutrition. With great dedication and diligence they gave water and food to the dogs to try to recover them.

Even feeding them in any way could be dangerous for their life because their stomach was no longer used to receiving food.

Relatives of the owner live near the farm, and they told the organization that  the place has been used as a dog kennel  for a long time, but it was closed because the owner could not support it financially, and decided to leave the defenseless dogs completely helpless. .

We will never be able to understand why so much evil and negligence against the most innocent

Nui, the 50-year-old woman who worked as a housekeeper, said that a relative of the dog breeder asked her to take care of the place, but she, alarmed by the situation in which the Great Danes found themselves,  was forced to inform the animal protection institution about what was happening.

Luckily, there was still something that could be done to save them from death.

It was also learned that as a result of negligence and carelessness,  a dog and her two puppies died  inside a cage.

Their visible skeletons produced a wave of indignation and helplessness on social networks

Fortunately, the animals  were finally being cared for as they always deserved. But the best was yet to come…

When  King Maha Vajiralongkorn, known as Rama X,  learned of the case, he ordered his family to adopt them and finance their recovery.

A true king who, above all, leads by example

«We have received a royal order from His Majesty the King. “His Royal Highness has ordered a delegation to adopt the dogs at the Animal Welfare Division,” said a spokesperson for Watchdog Thailand.

The lucky furry children who suffered so much could not believe that nothing less than a king would be their new human dad.

Furthermore, best of all, the king assured that the heartless man will face charges of animal cruelty.

What an excellent ending after their terrifying past! Their pain will be left behind, and in their new home they will be able to be happy as they deserve.

Remember that animals are creatures that accompany you and give sincere and unconditional love. They don’t deserve treatment like that.

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