A feline adorned with a flawlessly shaped heart on its back is in search of a loving family.(T)

Rutile, a charming ginger and white cat at the age of 2, found his way to Lollypop Farm, an animal rescue organization in Fairport, New York, earlier this year. He was among the 90+ cats rescued from a Perinton, New York house fire.

Despite enduring injuries from the fire – covered in soot, with singed whiskers and fur, an upper respiratory infection, and severe burns on all four paws – Rutile remained in high spirits, displaying his gratitude for the care and attention he received.

Right from the outset, Rutile was eager for affection. During his recovery, every visit from a staff member or volunteer prompted him to rise from his cozy bed, extending his paws for pets and head scratches. His amiable nature reflected his simple desire for companionship and care.

Rutile’s endearing trait is a perfectly shaped heart marking on his back, a symbol of his loving disposition. Lollypop Farm affectionately stated, “Rutile is looking for love – and he has the heart to prove it!”

This special marking is matched by his affectionate personality, as he openly shares his love for humans. Every interaction with people is met with enthusiasm, especially when he’s cuddled or petted, basking in the attention.

While recovering from his injuries, it was discovered that Rutile had a soft palate hole, akin to a cleft palate, which required surgical correction. He’s currently receiving ongoing veterinary care at Lollypop Farm, steadily progressing toward a full recovery.

From his rescue from the house fire, Rutile’s transformation has been remarkable. His playfulness and activity have increased day by day, revealing his inner kitten. With his newfound vitality, Rutile is poised to embark on a fresh journey – the search for his forever home.

Now a joyful and healthy cat, Rutile relishes every opportunity for affection. His playful nature emerges as he enthusiastically chases after moving toys, showcasing his newfound zest for life.

The sweet boy swoons every person that he comes across, and fills their hearts with so much love.

“He is a sweet, affectionate cat who loves head scratches and gentle pets. Rutile loves to chase wand toys and give head-butts,” Lollypop Farm shared with Love Meow.

“He’s been through so much, and is still so loving – we just know he’s going to be a wonderful pet when he’s ready to find a family.”

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