A couple of African descent and black skin gave birth to a child with white hair and blue eyes and this child was described as a “miracle baby”. P

Ben and Angela Ihegboro, who are of Nigerian ancestry and reside in the United Kingdom, have a child with white hair and blue eyes. This child is described as a “miracle baby.” Ben and Angela decided to have a third child after having two children previously and living in England for some time. However, both the parents and medical staff were astonished by the baby’s birth! It is so uncommon that it is almost unheard of. According to a common urban legend, if you spend too much time away from a location, your expected child may have the same skin tone as your neighbors.


Infrequently, it occurs, providing evolutionists with additional evidence to support their hypothesis. So many mysteries of this world remain unexplained. Additionally, the Woolwich, South London, couple has two additional children: Chisom, age 4, and Dumebi, age 2. The third child of the couple, Nmachi, is distinct from the first two. Ben, 44, a customer service expert for the train company, stated in an article for The Sun of London that the couple was only able to speak as they gazed at their daughter after giving birth.


Her delivery occurred at Queen Mary Hospital in Sidcup, Kent. His parents named him Nmachi, which means “Beauty of God” in Nigerian. Angela, age 35, argues that Nmachi’s skin tone is irrelevant. “A child is a miraculous child.”


Prof. Bryan Sykes, director of human genetics at Oxford University and Britain’s foremost genetics expert, described the birth as “exceptional.” According to him, the offspring of mixed-race parents may have paler skin tones that are sometimes distinguishable from their parents’ complexions. This may be the case if there is extensive genetic mixing, as with Afro-Caribbean tribes. However, little mixing occurs in Nigeria. The child is approaching her tenth birthday. She is growing at the same rate as her peers and is in exceptional health. The girl’s facial features are strikingly similar to those of her father. In addition, the infant’s genetic modification is a marvel.

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