A camping adventure transforms into a heartwarming rescue mission as a father and son team up to save a family of cats.(T)

Michael Shinkle and his son cherish their camping trips, particularly their preferred secluded spot, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the world. However, on their most recent excursion, they were greeted by an unexpected guest.

As they arrived at their camping spot, Shinkle and his son noticed a solitary cat wandering through the woods. The cat appeared quite thin, leading Shinkle to suspect that she had been abandoned. While setting up their campsite, Shinkle’s child struck up a friendship with the endearing feline, and Shinkle couldn’t shake the feeling that this cat would be accompanying them back home once their camping vacation concluded.

Despite the fact that they had only brought enough food for themselves, the father-son combo generously shared what they had with the cat. They ate in their tent as the cat crawled all over it, already missing her new mates, and they fed her everything they had left over when it came time for dinner.

It wasn’t long before it was time for Shinkle to go to his tent, but he wasn’t sound asleep for long. He got up to investigate and waved his phone light around, only to be met with eight pairs of eyes looking back at him. Their new cat acquaintance turned out to be the mother of three little kittens.

Shinkle and his son departed their camping vacation with four new family members in tow, since he had already chosen to take the stray cat home with him.

Shinkle posted on a GoFundMe page for the cat family, “She’s quite a happy kitty now.” “There’s no way this cat wasn’t domesticated, given how much she wants to be petted.”

Shinkle and his family opted to adopt all four cats and are overjoyed to be able to provide them with the loving homes they so well deserve. The mom cat and her kittens would not have survived if this father and son hadn’t opted to go camping that weekend. They’ve finally found their permanent family and are savoring every second of their new existence.

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