A 2-week-old baby girl weighing only 800 grams was abandoned by her parents due to a rare disease that causes her skin to wrinkle like an elderly person. P

A heartbreaking case unfolded in India, where a 2-week-old baby girl was abandoned by her parents due to a rare condition that gave her skin a wrinkled appearance, resembling that of an elderly person. This unfortunate incident took place in Maharashtra, Western India.


The baby girl was born prematurely in the seventh month of pregnancy, weighing a mere 800 grams. She exhibited unusual features due to endometrial growth retardation and several chromosomal abnormalities, leading to her distinct appearance.


Upon her birth, the girl’s biological parents decided to abandon her, unable to cope with her unique condition. She was left in the care of her grandfather, Dilip Dode, who had to provide for her. The baby girl survived on goat milk as her grandfather struggled to ensure her well-being.

As her health deteriorated, Dilip Dode took the infant to a hospital in Mumbai, approximately 138 kilometers away, seeking medical attention. He expressed his gratitude to the doctors at the hospital who provided treatment for his granddaughter free of charge. He revealed that during his daughter-in-law’s pregnancy, regular check-ups were conducted at the local health center, but no issues with the baby were detected at that time.


Minie Bodhanwala, a medical professional at the hospital, acknowledged the rarity of the baby’s condition and stated that they were conducting tests to provide the best possible treatment.

Dilip Dode, who works as a casual laborer, is making efforts to generate additional income to support his granddaughter, as his son and daughter-in-law have abandoned their parental responsibilities.


This tragic case highlights the challenges faced by individuals with rare medical conditions and the importance of providing care and support to those in need, regardless of their unique circumstances.

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