7 active items that are perfect for autumn weather to help you stay comfortable from home to town. P

**Knitted Vest**


A knitted vest worn over a white shirt or a t-shirt is just enough to keep you warm without the need for a heavy and bulky coat. With a fitted t-shirt, opt for an oversized knitted vest, and with a button-down shirt, choose a smaller, cropped knitted vest to add style to your baggy outfit.

**Button-Down Shirt**


Oversized clothing has been a trend in recent years, and button-down shirts can be worn open or closed with a t-shirt underneath. If the weather gets colder, you can simply layer an oversized coat on top. Pair it with baggy pants for maximum comfort.

**Maxi Dress**


Maxi dresses come in various colors and styles. Choosing the right color and pattern will make you stand out on autumn streets. If you want something more colorful, look for a maxi dress with patterns and a contrasting-colored oversized knitted sweater – a vibrant outfit that will catch everyone’s eye.



This is a clothing item that adds elegance to your look. The typical office style blazer can easily be layered to add warmth and depth. A short skirt, a small button-down shirt, and a blazer on top will surely earn you compliments.

**Leather Jacket**


A triumphant comeback in every autumn season is the leather jacket. You can go simple with a thick knitted sweater or more complex with a tank top and a button-down shirt. Button-down shirts work perfectly when the weather is unpredictable – pairing them with a leather jacket is the way to go.

**Long-Sleeve Crochet Top**


Crochet tops have become a go-to item for It girls during the summer. In the autumn, you’ll find countless long-sleeve and thicker crochet styles incorporated into your outfits. Crochet tops should stand out, so prioritize bold and bright colors. Whether it’s a tank top worn underneath or a t-shirt, just make sure it’s in white or a neutral color to complement the crochet pattern.

**Long Coat**


A long coat is a must-have item for the autumn-winter season. It’s a Scandinavian street style staple that can be layered over almost any outfit. Pair it with a stylish knitted vest and jeans for a highly fashionable look.

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