The Red-necked Tanager (Tangara cyanocephala): A bird with multi-colored plumage that attracts the attention of all surrounding animals. A masterpiece created by nature to add richness to the forest ecosystem.TS

A bird with rosy red cheeks and an iridescent blue throat, cap, and crown is called Rosy Radiance.

A really attractive bird with a green body, a blue throat, red cheeks, and a crimson nape.

A member of the Thraupidae family of birds, the Red-necked Tanager (Tangara cyanocephala) is a species of bird. The male’s scarlet neck makes him easier to see in mature form. In addition, he has a blue hat, a green body, some yellow on his wings, and black on his face, back, and bill.


Less yellow, less black, and more orange than red are often found on the female’s wings, back, and neck.

Juveniles often have orange on the cheeks, blue on the head, and green flecks.


Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina are home to these birds.

Subtropical or tropical wet lowland forests and severely degraded former forests are the Red-necked Tanagers’ native habitats.

The Red-necked tanager is an omnivore bird that consumes both fruit and insects.

The nest is often built out of grass and elevated around 1.8 metres above the ground during the mating season. The female incubates the cream-colored eggs, which have brown markings, for 12–13 days.


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