5 hottest dress styles summer 2023,(T)

See-through skirts, sunset dresses, and nightgowns are the fashion trends that are strongly promoted this summer.

According to Vogue, popular brands like Gucci, Acne Studios, and Bottega Veneta turn see-through dresses into hot fashion topics in the spring and summer months. This style is being favored by celebrities, including Kate Moss, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski. Photo: Gorunway

On the street, many fashionistas show off how to coordinate with see-through skirts. To wear this fashion without objection, you should choose minimal underwear and the same color as the skirt. Embossed color accessories can be added to make the overall more eye-catching. Photo: Pinterest

In the summer, black tends to fall out of favor with bright and vibrant colors. This year, fashion houses, such as Ferragamo, promote sunset colors with delicate orange, pink, and red gradients. Photo: Gorunway

According to Vogue, sunset tones help the wearer to be different and youthful. Photo: Pinterest

According to Elle, flowers are the hottest prints of the summer of 2023. If in winter, wild textures such as crocodile, leopard or snake skin are preferred, when summer comes, motifs are colorful and bold in the countryside. , sometimes bohemian, classic like flowers often take the throne. This pattern gives the wearer a feminine look, suitable for all girls, even men. Photo: Gorunway

The texture is outstanding, so you don’t need to mix many accessories. Should choose shoes, monochrome bags, simple designs to focus on floral skirts. Photo: Pinterest

After much controversy, nightgowns are now considered one of the familiar and favorite styles in many girls’ wardrobes. The item exploded in popularity in the 1990s thanks to celebrities like Kate Moss, Sofia Coppola and Gwyneth Paltrow. Photo: Gorunway

The A-shaped nightgown is suitable for all body shapes, can be combined with thin strap sandals, pointy shoes or biker boots. Photo: SDM

Associated with boho, nomadic, hippie styles with the silhouette of the 1970s, the crochet dress is back to be a hot trend this year. Proenza Schouler is one of the fashion houses to follow this style with a tassel midi dress in deep tones and “brick” sandals. Photo: Gorunway

The material is loved by many people because it is suitable for year-round weather and effectively conceals blemishes. Small openings also help the wearer show off their femininity. Photo: TST


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