26+ Best Cargo Pants Outfits to Try in 2023.(T)

Step aside, mom jeans! Cargo pants have returned in 2022, and they’re trending for fall. This ’90s throwback has come back in a big way. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Hayley Beiber, and Zendaya have been spotted in cargo pants outfits.

These military-style pants have large pockets on the outer thigh and come in both slimmer and baggy fits. Cargo pants are versatile and can be worn with sneakers or dressed up with heels. They’re a comfy alternative to jeans, making them a perfect selection for everyday wear and casual Fridays at the office.

If you want to take advantage of this trend, we’ve curated 33 cargo pants outfits that will take you from summer to fall.

Cropped blazer, shoulder bag, cargo pants, and sandals.

Knit crop top, crop shirt, shoulder bag, and sneakers.

Cargo pants with a garter corset top, trucker hat, and sneakers.

Long sleeve top, crop top, cargo pants, and white sneakers.

Garter corset tank, oversized cargo pants, and boots.

Oversized sweatshirt, cargo pants, baseball cap, and sneakers.

Blazer, tube top, cargo pants, and ankle boots.

Crossover halter corset top, cargo pants, shoulder bag, and slides.

Tan blazer, fitted top, cargo pants, small boulder bag, and sneakers.

Long-sleeved ribbed crop shirt, cargo pants, and sneakers.

Long sleeve shirt, cargo pants with side ties, and sneakers.

Double hem tank top, cargo pants, shoulder bag, and platform sneakers.

Handkerchief hem ribbed top, cargo pants, clutch bag, and sneakers.

Two-piece swimsuit, shoulder bag, cargo pants, and thong sandals.



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